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In America [Jun. 23rd, 2007|08:11 pm]
Don't call me a Moo-Ron!
[mood |optimisticoptimistic]

I have to admit I'm a little nervous. I've never been so far from home before. Akito's still with me. I can feel him even here but what if someone hugs me? There's no Hatori to make them forget. What if I go black in class? It's been known to happen. No Sohma family money to smooth things over but i guess Hatori would just wire some over.

A scholarship in America who knew? Graduating early should prove to everyone the ox isn't dumb! Let's hear them call me a Moo-ron now. I'm going to show everyone!

ooc - for those peeking at the journal, the stuff previous to this were for a different RPG and we're pretending it didn't happen
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Hmmm [Oct. 8th, 2006|02:04 pm]
Don't call me a Moo-Ron!
[mood |draineddrained]

I managed to turn a night at the lake when I should have been comforting Fuu who was so upset, into a very sweet exploration with hands and lips. I probably should feel guilty but Fuu really seemed to want to. She is the gentlest woman I've ever known. I don't feel guilty and I know I'll do it again. Hmmm, wonder what that says of me.
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Bad Stuff [Oct. 2nd, 2006|03:00 pm]
Don't call me a Moo-Ron!
[mood |anxiousanxious]

It was a very strange day at camp. It started out okay, except for some misunderstandings on the bus but I guess that's all straightened out now. I was hoping for just a nice day out with my new friends and I did get that.

But then something really bad happened. Several kids disappeared...taken I guess and Kyo's new girlfriend - and doesn't the mind just boggle at that one - almost got taken too. She's all right which is great but it's all very scary. I feel...helpless. I hate feeling like this. I want to be able to do something but there was nothing I could offer to the search. I still don't feel like there's anything I can do. I don't think I'll rest easy tonight.

On the other hand, I feel closer to my new girlfriend. Fuu is really nice, sweet. She doesn't seem as damaged as Rin. I'm still a little in love with rin but I have to move on I guess and Fuu seems to really like me. She doesn't let me be hard on myself and that's nice. Elric-sama...not sure yet how he fits in. I really am still attracted to him but he says he's not into guys. Not like I can argue that right? Still, at least we can be friends but he's a little thorny. I'll just have to use Kyo-mode on him.

Well better email some people back home and see if Yuki's online to IM.
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Depressed and thinking [Sep. 5th, 2006|05:32 pm]
Don't call me a Moo-Ron!
[mood |depresseddepressed]

Ed’s showering and I’m done changing for the picnic, probably should write something down. I feel...terrible. I’ve done nothing but really mess up since I’ve been here. I don’t mean to go black and scare people. I wish I could control that. I just hope Mac doesn’t feel guilty about my switch, it wasn’t really her fault. It was mine. And then I ran over her. Damn, I am just a clumsy ox. I’m so glad that I didn’t hurt her badly. I wouldn’t have been able to...I don’t even want to think about it.

Didn’t mean to freak out so bad but it really hurt when Ed had to tell me he wasn’t a sorcerer. I hadn’t realized how high my hopes had been. That’s not his fault but man it was like being hit by a bus. I don’t think anyone really understands how hard this life is. I want the stuff normal fifteen year olds want and it’s not possible for me. It will never be possible. At least I’m not Kyo. My life doesn’t suck that bad in comparison.

And now I have Fuu. I like her. More than I thought I would since well, I’m trying to get over Rin and I didn’t think to look for anyone else. Okay I flirted but I always flirt, with everyone. But I really like Fuu. She makes me smile. Not sure yet how she really feels about me being an ox but at least she didn’t run screaming. And then there’s Ed, wow, talk about head over heels in lust. I’m pretty sure this is all one way but what’s a guy to do? I’m just hoping this isn’t all rebound junk from Rin...I want something that’s real. I want...I need to feel loved. Life’s too lonely without it.
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I'm Here [Aug. 18th, 2006|10:33 pm]
Don't call me a Moo-Ron!
[mood |excitedexcited]

I didn’t think I’d ever get here. Keeping it quiet from Kyo was easy, at least, but it was Akito I should have been worried about, of course. But we both got away. I just know Kyo’s going to lose it when he sees me. He’s getting better with his temper though. I guess we all are thanks for Tohru.

Me, in America, like I ever thought that would happen. Poor Yuki is getting left out of this grand adventure. Well, he’s on the student council so he’s plenty busy already in the summer. I’m just hoping for a little time to think things through about Rin. I don’t know why she went from loving me to hating me. Oh, I could guess. If Akito found out…she hates Rin. Me, she just likes to mentally torment. She won’t hurt me much like she will Rin and Kisa.

I wish, if that were it, Rin would just tell me. It would be better than this. It hurts every time I think about it. AT least I don’t feel too much like going black any more. That could be so bad here. It’s hard not to think about Rin, though. Still, new surroundings in a country I’ve never been too, it should help. This might be a lot of fun. I’ll just need a gag for the kitty.

I hope this will be a blast. I could use it…hell, even Kyo could. I know what he’s facing back home and it’s too depressing to think about. I’ll miss Kisa though, poor little girl. If Akito does anything to her while I’m gone, there’ll be hell to pay. But I can’t worry about it since I can’t do anything about it from here. Shigure and the others will look out for her.
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